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Quarterly published journal of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Herpetologie und Terrarienkunde (DGHT) e.V., (German Society of Herpetology and Herpetoculture), since 2017 online only with bound Volumes


My contribution

  • Processing of textfiles and various graphs within stated formats

  • Creation of proofs for editors and authors, if necessary including proofreading as well as communication till consent to publication

  • Creation of printable PDAs in grey scales – since Volume 48 (2012) in new format and coloured (21 × 28 cm),

  • Volumes 44+45 and 46-47 in different sizes – and delivery to the printing office

  • Creation of coloured PDFs for homepage and online services as well as upload to their servers

  • Administration of submissions, correspondence with authors and editors

  • Mainenance of Salamandra-Homepage including integration of current publications (Joomla and Docman)


Salamandra Volume 58 CoverSample pages

  • Hahn, M. & G. Köhler (2010): Morphological variation in Anolis cristatus. – Salamandra 46(2): 117–120. [PDF in Browser]

  • Rödder, D., W. Böhme & S. Lötters (2011): 'Chamaliens' on the Hawaiian Islands: spatial risk assessment for the invasive Jackson's chameleon (Chamaeleonidae). – Salamandra 47(1): 36–42. [PDF in Browser]

  • Köhler, J., F. Glaw, G. M. Rosa, P.-S. Gehring, M. Pabijan, F. Andreone & M. Vences (2011): Two new bright-exed treefrogs of the genus Boophis from Madagascar. – Salamandra 47(4): 207–221. [PDF in Browser]

  • Wagner, P., E. Greenbaum & A. Bauer (2012): A new species of the Acanthocercus atricollis complex (Squamata: Agamidae) from Zambia. – Salamandra 48(1): 21–30. [PDF in Browser]

  • Adlassnig, W., S. Sassmann, A. Grawunder, M. Puschenreiter, A. Horvath & M. Koller-Peroutka (2013): Amphibians in metal-contaminated habitats. – Salamandra 49(3): 149–158. [PDF in Browser]

  • Anderson, C. V. & E. van Heygen (2013): On the sympatry of three Trioceros species in a tropical upland forest in Cameroon. – Salamandra 49(4): 215–218. [PDF in Browser]

  • Ruiz-Martínez, L., J. Alvarado-Díaz, I. Suazo-Ortuño & R. Pérez-Munguía (2014): Diet of Ambystoma ordinarium (Caudata: Ambystomatidae) in undisturbed and disturbed segments of a mountain stream in the trans-Mexican Valcanic Belt. – Salamandra 50(2): 63–70. [PDF in Browser]

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